Carillon Repair Fund

February 13th, 2012 by admin




All of us enjoy the Carillon –  the bells ring out at the beginning of every Service at Atonement, to call people to church, and at 9:00 am and at 12:00 Noon every day.   It gives Atonement a presence in the community they cannot overlook.  We had a major overhaul of the Carillon in December.

The bill was $935.00.

We would like to ask the congregation for a special offering towards the carillon.  We have special offering envelopes available as you enter the church, in the Narthex.  Or you may use the INITIAL offering envelope in you packet, mark it or MEMO on your check “Carillon”.

Thank you for your kind consideration.


George Korb   $ 150.00

Vanessa Dutchin  $100.00

The Men’s Club $100.00

Eden Eng         $ 75.00

Diana Murphy   $ 50.00

Meredith Stone  $ 15.00

Robert Werdann $ 80.00

Leslie Werdann  $ 25.00

Eric Werdann     $ 30.00

TOTAL: $ 625.00


Link to carillon 2012

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